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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  November 2, 2012 2:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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hi, everyone. "news nation" is following new developments in two major stories out there today. first, on the brink. parts of the northeast right now watching as an awful and unimaginable situation turned even more dire as some shelters are now closing leaving people whose homes were destroyed with no place to go. also, the gas crisis has a strangle hold on movement across the east coast. plus, the final four. the two most watched men in our country are focused on just a few states where the race will be won. >> we've made real progress. >> the question of this election comes down to this. do you want more of the same?
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>> let me start with the development out of staten island, new york. richard liu is there standing by. richard, obviously, the news came through just a short time ago that some shelters are closing near where you are. why is that the case? >> reporter: what's happening is they had to close down a shelter. i came back from it. that closed down, and they're moving the 40-some-odd people, the evacuees from one location to another high school called sarah wagner. we know at least at this moment they have four shelters. it's very difficult. i was speaking to the driver who moved them, and he said there were kids with two different colored socks and shoes. a woman had 20 bags. that was all of her belongings. there was another gentleman who had a liver transplant days ago and having trouble. it's difficult to move from one place to another as we look at these shelters.
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tamron. >> a lot of people in that community on staten island believe they've been ignored. in cap turs their struggle and pain, they believe all eyes are on manhattan and this marathon and not what's happening there and dozens of people including children died in that area. >> reporter: tamron, we've been at this location for now about six or seven hours. we've had people come over time and time again to say exactly that. what is next? who will come to help us? we don't have electricity. we don't have enough gasoline to run our generators. that's the situation. i brought over one of the residents who is here at staten island. what is next, richard? >> it's difficult to tell. i think we have a mayor who's only concern is manhattan, and we haven't seen a whole lot of help out here. fortunately, my wife and the neighborhood i'm in isn't in bad
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shape, but there are neighborhoods that are really decimated. it doesn't seem to me like the mayor is doing anything about it. we need gas. we need electricity. i saw two con-ed trucks and haven't seen any more on staten island. nothing is happening out here. we're getting pretty desperate >> reporter: thank you grur time. the best of luck to you in the days ahead. tamron, we're also hearing there's some conflict when it comes to hotel rooms where evacuees have been placed recently because of reservations for marathon runners coming to the city and some hotels having to say we already have guests that are booked. that's the situation now. five days out, a bit of tension here on staten island. >> richard, thank you very much. just moments ago aaa reports nearly two-thirds of all gas stations in new york city and new jersey are shut down. the federal government took new action, though, today in the past several hours to get more fuel into the communities.
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with gas lines throughout the region stretching for miles, the department of homeland security has eased restrictions on foreign flag oil tankers. jim cantore has more for us on this problem. >> hey, tamron. this is what i would call an orderly gas line, even though it's packed, it's orderly he. people are lined up to each pump, and they filled the tanks with tangers that came in here. this is a nice supply of gas here at the vince lombardi truck stop. back towards the west, you can see here this gentleman, this police officer is actually directing traffic coming in from the exit into which line they should get in. as we show you where that line is, it travels all the way back up around to the turnpike. last night we understand this line was all the way out into the turnpike, which creates a dangerous situation there. so this is pretty good. you have about an hour and a half wait to the end of the line so you're able to get gas. there's no limits here on how much to get.
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they ask everybody to be respectful of everybody else. if you have five five-gallon tanks strapped to your roof, that won't make a lot of people happy. you have 50% of all the gas stations out there that could be giving out gas without power. whether they have gans in the tanks or not, there's no power to the stations. another 20% run out of gas. with the population concentration up through here, it's important to get the power back on and the gas reserves, under here which we understand from the governor will be arriving. what kind of lag do we deal with? how long before the tankers fill the gas stations running out? it's a desperate situation. a lot of people are using gas not just for cars but generators to help get heat and keep whatever is left in the refrigerator edible. tamron. >> the final jobs report before the election, and our nbc political team says it is mostly good news for president obama. unemployment ticked up to 7.9%,
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but more jobs were added than expected, 171,000 to be precise. stock futures went up right after the numbers came out. later oil prices took a tumble. both the president and governor romney reacted to the report during stops on the campaign trail this morning. >> we made real progress, but we are here today because we know we've got more work to do. >> unemployment is higher today than when barack obama took office. think of that. >> and joining any now is "newsweek" columnist zachary caribel. let's get your analysis of the numbers. >> unemployment ticked up, but statistically it's a nonfactor. it's been where it is now for the past six, seven, eight months. it doesn't matter who is elected on tuesday. that's likely where we are.
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it's the only more than silver lining is you have moderate job creation. i think no one would prefer having less than 171,000 jobs created in a month. that's where we are right now. >> the anticipation was 125,000 job woos would be added. it's so intriguing the dynamics playing out in the northeast with sandy. when we started with a big calendar ticking down the job reports and the one right before the election, there was some analysis this would be big. it's not. >> one thing that's sort of odd and interesting about this is the three states with the worst unemployment levels, california, nevada and new jersey are solidly democratic. the whole republican argument that this administration has made things worse clearly is not working in those states where things are, in fact, the worst. in other states like nebraska,
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kansas, north dakota where there's extremely low employment because of shale gas and agriculture, republicans are winning. it's an interesting dynamic in the election in that respect. the real challenge for any new administrati administration, whether it's president obama or governor romney, is we treat it as a national problem and we have huge varieties between states and education levels and gender. >> let's talk about the psyc psychology of it. are people looking at the numbers and measures how they feel? whatever the case, they're measures how they feel at their home right now. >> absolutely. it's a good media story to talk about the number that changes month to month. oh, my god the unemployment rate is 7.9%. do i have a job that pays
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enough? do i have several part-time jobs? will i find one if i lose one? that's what matters at an individual level. >> we know how that factor into who the public will vote for on tuesday. who makes me feel more comfortable about my future. >> what's odd about this is you think those areas hurting the most would be most likely to blame washington and president obama. they're most likely to vote democratic. people who do not have jobs who are struggling and not earning sufficient income seem much more likely to gravitate toward a party with a safety net. people who have jobs and are doing well are more likely to be skeptical of government activity. >> thank you very much. it's the final 100 hours of the campaign. right now president obama and governor romney are both in ohio about to hold campaign events. up next we check in with the political panel. their thoughts on what we see playing you out.
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running into controversy, new york's decision to move ahead with this week's marathon has sparked a lot of backlash. >> the city of new york is talking about getting water out of the battery tunnel and prepares for a marathon. we're pulling bodies out of the water. >> we feel so strongly that this is the right thing to do for the city of new york, and that this can only be and must only be the starting place of our support. >> so what does your gut tell you? do you support the decision that the race go on. you can join the conversation on twitter and find us at @newsnation. we'll be right back.
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welcome back. it's the final four. both campaigns will set a pace of the four remaining days we have. the president hitting seven battleground states from colorado to florida. romney hitting seven battle ground states over the next four days both making their closing arguments to voters and saying the election is about change. >> the question of this election comes down to this. do you want more of the same, or do you want real change? we are real change. >> when you try to change the facts, just because they're inconvenient to your campaign, that's definitely not change. >> let's bring in today's "news nation" political panel, anne kornbluth and david goodfriend. thank you so much for joining
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us. anne, it's interesting the president picking up on the fact that mitt romney right before hurricane sandy hit had started to identify himself as the change candidate here and the president pointing out change of facts is not change. what do we make of the last four days and this line-up back and forth? >> it's interesting they're both returning to obama's core argument of 2008. it wasn't one obama emphasized particularly throughout the course of the race. hope and change were difficult words for him obviously because they didn't mean now what they meant four years ago. after mitt romney started to talk about change, emphasizing the fact he's a washington outsider, president obama started to respond. we find ourselves in the odd position of being back where we were four years ago here four days out. >> speaking of opposition, it's interesting you have the final jobs report, if you told people maybe two months ago it would kind of slide by the news coverage in a sense, they'd be
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surprised. we know so much about the economy, but perhaps it also tells us maybe the folks the at home haven't been measuring the number. they measure how they feel, and that's the determining factor on tuesday. >> no question about it. the question is where does this new stack fit ft narrative of either campaign. mitt romney is saying we're surrounded by zoom and doom. the reason he touts out this torture change argument of his. as your prior segment demonstrated, there is a lot of good news in the very states that either candidate has to win. those employment numbers are concentrated in certain areas of united states. let's face it, in manufacturing in ohio, in wisconsin, in virginia, the unemployment rate is well, well below the national average. so you get a good number out like this today, and it jurnd kored president obama's message we're headed in the wrong
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direction and flies in the face you don't like what you see so elect me. i don't think mitt romney's message is fitting with the mood of strovoters in important swin states. i just don't. >> perhaps in ohio. it's that do you believe me or your lying eyes? i'm talking about the auto bailout. we talk about the unemployment numbers today, and mitt romney says this is proof we're not growing and things are stagnant. the same argument with with the auto industry with what he's presenting. the auto industry is not so great. in fact, jobs will be sentd to china, this is proven not to be true. you have gm and chrysler, their chief furious over this line of attack centered around the auto industry. i want to play what the president said today regarding the auto ads from the romney campaign. >> you have folks that work at the jeep plant who have been calling their employers worried, asking, is it true?
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are our jobs being shipped to china? the reason they make these calls is because governor romney is running an ad that says so. except it's not true. everybody knows it's not true. >> and anne, in addition to not being truce, you see people in ohio taking it as cynical. they make people believe it's bad and horrible and somebody in china is about to take your job. >> that's the real risk for governor romney in running an ad like this, although obviously he had his reasons for doing so. the campaign obviously seeing ohio as does everyone as being it is lynchpin to be elected. anything he could do, if there are voters who are all right feeling skeptical of the auto bailout who might buy this, that's who this is targeted at. this is a fairly significant backlash, questioning of the facts in the ad as you point out. he and the president picking up
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on it makes the local news in ohio as it is making national news. we'll see whether any of it works, but i think it was a risk he felt today take to win the state. it was a significant one. >> in toledo the front page says many detroit residents are angry with romney's anti-bailout stance. it was a risk he had to take, but do you take a risk with what's described by obama supporters as desperate? it's not praying with the facts when gm and chrysler both say it's not true unless you produce facts and we've not seen it from the romney campaign that jobs are going to china, that their aassertion is true. then the opposite of truth is what? >> well, i mean, that's absolutely the right question to be asking. look, we've seen a lot of things said over the course of this campaign, so it's possible that the campaign making the calculation, hey, we could ain and maybe not getting called out on it. we have fact checkers and we
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have a great one here. i think everybody in the media is working especially in the final days to figure out what's true and what isn't. that's the reason ffs a significant risk. >> let me play what governor romney has said, david. i want to get your response. essaying don't look at the ads but the record. le met play what he said. >> look beyond the speeches and the attacks and the ads. look to the records toshgts accomplishments and the failures and judgments. word are cheap. >> the concern, at least i know for some democrats, is that this message of, hey, there might be something here that governor romney can do to at least feed up the economy, will certainly resonate with white male voters, and that could be getmental to decks in many races but, of course, most importantly the presidency, david. >> i don't buy it, and i'll tell you why. i'll take out mitt romney on his offer and i like if i live in ohio or wisconsin fwampl.
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i'll like what the president has done. it's auto bailout all the way. in over 20 years working in washington i learned publicly traded major american corporations go through great pains not to look too political one way or the another. the significance of two ceos of major american corporations come out to correct in very colorful language mitt romney's statement. people in ohio trust those brands and companies. they want jobs from those companies. when they hear this public slapping of mitt romney from the leaders of those companies, that undercuts his credibility p more than anything he can take. it's staggers to me. >> le met play what clintoned. i'll tell you another concern a lot for some dengs behind the scenes that there's a nation a
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enthusiasm gap or it disappeared at this point. let me play it. >> i hear all these people say i was so enthusiastic four years ago. i so much hoped for a change. i'm disappointed in this, that, and the other thing. i may be the only person in america, but i am far more enthusiastic about president obama this time than i was four years ago. >> so there you have it, at least in some part former president bill clinton acknowledging this enthusiasm story line that's an undercurrent. you can't deny it. >> i'm so proud to have worked for bill clinton. can i say that on the air? >> are you angling for awe new job? >> he's not running for anything. i remember working for him. he was the same way then as he is today. he's so optimistic, but so are americans. americans are by nature optimistic he people, and that's one of the reasons why this country is so special and has on
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so many inonovatorinnovators. we're by nature future oriented people. president clinton himself said elections are about the future. they're about whand of future you see. what he articulates is something i think is a bonafide feeling among the democratic race. we are enthusiastic about it. you can feel it. >> he chose an interesting way to articulate it. i am far more enthusiastic about president about obama thavenlt a few years. >> anne it this endorsement by mayor bloomberg surprised everyone yesterday, citing climate change that he decided to support the president on this. let me play what's getting traction. mayor bloomberg regarding fema assistance for new york. let me play it. >> president obama asked craig fugate from fema to call and ask if we needed help. i assured him, i think, we had
2:24 pm
everything under control and appreciate the effort. >> saturday, i think i have everything under control. he actually passed on having the president with him in noshg and then, book, this surprise endorsement saying that the role of government is all the more glaring to him now after hurricane sandy. what do you make? >> i don't think that those things are necessarily inconsistent, but there's no question it's a surprise. will it move actual votes where neither candidate is speaking votes, maybe not. the surprise factor on the heel of govern orp christie bear hug not an endorsement of course his elm brags of president obama in the wake was storm is nothing bullet good news. >> also the notion that business men stick together. we have a very wealthy leader of new york city that could have went the side of governor romney, but chose to go a different direction. that's an interesting dynamic as
2:25 pm
well. >> mayor bloomberg likes to bet on winnerers. he's better on who was going to. >> he can't deduct when. thank you very much, david. it's a great pleasure sighing you as well. how sandy is affecting election day voting and even plans to get to the polls. we'll give you the latest information on what's appearing. plus, is richard muir doush headed for detake p feet. plus the gop poushed his money spew his campaign. despite his rape comment we thought you should know. he forecasts this for november 6th. president obama has an 81% chance of winning. that picked up since yesterday. ♪
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in four days you have a choice to make. it's not just a choice between two parties or two candidates. it's a choice between two different visions for america. it's a choice between going back to the top-down policies that got us into this mess or the middle out bottom up strategies that have gotten us out of this mess and keep us going. >> president obama on the ground in ohio now headed to republican territory in that state. the stop is in lima outside of columbus. his third event of the day in a county that senator john mccain won in 2008 with 60% of the vote. kristen welker is traveling with the president. she joins us now. as i mentioned, lima, 60% of
2:30 pm
that vote went to john mccain. is the president tailoring his message different than what we heard today, kristen? >> reporter: good afternoon, tamron. i think we will hear a similar message in lima we heard during the president's first two stops today. he's talking about the fact he had improvements and the latest unemployment report to make that argument, but he's really focusing on the auto bailout, the auto industry specifically slamming mitt romney for his recent claims that jeep is shipping jobs to china. the president said the companies themselves have told governor romney to knock it off. it's worth noting that papers in this area have come out and said that those claims are false. the romney campaign continues to stand by their ad that says the auto bailout will lead it to shipping jobs overseas. that's the big focus today. why? it's an issue that resonates with the voters here's in ohio. one out of every eight ohioans
2:31 pm
has a connection to the auto industry. many believe it's responsible to his modest lead in the buckeye state. he's ending in a county he lost in 2008. he was just in a county he lost in 2008 as well, tamron. that was clark county. he spoke to a crowd in springfield. he's trying to talk about the auto industry to pick off some voters he didn't get in 2008. some of the working class volters that feel like the auto bailout benefitted them, their families and neighbors. if you need to know how important ohio is, tamron, look at the president's schedule. he's returning saturday morning to an event and also here on montana. he sprinkles in visits to other key battleground states including wisconsin and iowa. ohio is really ground zero. it's tough for mitt romney to win the presidency without ohio. it's part of the president's firewall, and polls show it will
2:32 pm
tight. >> just 100 miles separate the president and governor romney on the ground in ohio. the governor is expected to address supporters this hour. garrett headacake is traveling governor romney. we know the importance of the auto bailout in ohio. chris was on with with andrea mitchell. he said if romney doesn't win ohio, he doesn't win the white house here. what is the romney campaign saying that you have top officials from gm and chrysler all asserting that the attack add, the notion of jobs going to china is faps. what are they saying at in the point about the auto bailout for those who will vote in ohio. >> it's fascinating. on the campaign trail this is not an issue governor romney mentioned to advisers. they're standing by the ad. they say over time there will be effects from the auto bailout on this. this is not something he talks
2:33 pm
about with reporters. it's interesting they put this add out. they focus on ohio like governor romney gave in other states over the last few days. that's essentially the idea the auto bailout is aside, president obama failed on the economy. they give independents personal cover. if they look, it's okay to like the guy. they're trying to claim that mantle of change candidate for governor romney in each stops. >> we read ato lead doe headline that voters are angry with the position with the auto bailout. they're standing by this ad and continue to attack regarding the jobs going to china. other than says it's troou, what proof are they providing here other than just their word? >> the romney campaign is walking a very fine line when it comes to this ad. a strategicist and advisers to the campaign say in the actual
2:34 pm
ad we say jeep will manufacture vehicles in china. they don't say they'll do it to the extent of jobs in the united states. they don't say they won't do as well in the united states. that line alone is actually true. whether you want to draw connections and saw this is at the expense of american jobs, maybe you could make that assumption. they're trying to walk a fine line with this ad, and it was really striking because it was so far from what governor romney said himself on the campaign trail that they would leave ads like this behind. the rare moments kwh they're not in the frund. >> you brought up an incredible point behind the scenes this is what his team is talked about. in ohio that's not what we're hearing from governor romney. thanks. garrett. up next, this week'plit dal postscript from mark murray. first heeshgsz a look at real clear politics national average of the presidential polls. president obama is at 47.5%,
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governor romney stands at 47%. ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] pop in a whole new kind of clean. with tide pods. a powerful three-in-one detergent that cleans. brightens. and fights stains just one removes more stains than the 6 next leading pacs combined pop in. stand out.
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welcome back to the postscript. the only thing people are talking about this week is hurricane sandy from the loss of life and the impact a storm could have on this presidential election. >> i am not worried at this point about the impact on the election. i'm worried about the impact on families and i'm worried about the impact on first responders. >> a lot of people hurting this morning and hurting last night. the storm goes on. i appreciate the fact that people in dayton got up this morning, some went to the grocery store i see and purchased some things. >> i cannot thank the president enough for his personal concern and compassion for our state. >> new jersey governor chris christie has decided to play the role of a greek column today for
2:39 pm
president obama. >> there will be some folks that the criticize me for complimenting him, but i speak the truth. >> let's bring in mark murray. i believe it was tuesday or wednesday in the first read team that whoever loses on tuesday will likely point to sandy as the reason why. >> well, tamron, that's like in a sports game where oftentimes a controversial call at the end of a game by the referee, that people blame that. but history never looks at those controversial calls by the referees. while partisans might blame sandy, we have two years worth of campaigning on both sides that show the totality of this contest more than hurricane sandy. sandy freezed this contest in place and gave the president a big he leadership moment, which he was able to use with governor christie. >> to your point, that leadership moment with chris christie could have played out i imagine in many ways with the
2:40 pm
president's travel schedule. the fact he's there with chris christie and he's important to the republican party, we know very early on his endorsement of mitt romney was a huge event. you remember there were breaking news notes coming out that chris christie was about to say who he was standing by and endorsing in a republican primary. it is intriguing, though, how this has played out and the conservative backlash pointed at christie after. >> there has been backlash, and it shows you some people put politics above what's best for new jersey, new york, connecticut, rhode island, and all the other states impacted by hurricane sandy. i will say this, tamron. mitt romney's closing argument is i can work better with democrats than president obama was able to do with republicans. but the image that we saw with president obama and chris christie touring the hurricane damage does seem to be almost a counterfactual to the claim that mitt romney chs making. >> it could play into guilt by
2:41 pm
association. you have some of the supporters of governor romney who are if you will poo-pooing on that moment of joint unity. it makes some voters take pause to say these are people in romney's camp who say this is a bad thing. how can you see this as anything other than a good thing to have these two leaders together. >> right. people actually criticized the republicans, including rush limbaugh, who pounced on that. hurricane sandy, where people actually might say somehow this was the moment where either mitt romney or barack obama lost the contest, the blame to put on this, we saw this before. of course, it was in 2008 with lehman brothers collapse. you say a lot of republicans blame that for john mccain and sarah palin's loss more than the overall dynamics of what that presidential contest was about. in 2004 that osama bin laden tape that surfaced right before the election, there were john kerry partisans that blamed that
2:42 pm
for actually hurting john kerry at the end of the day. >> thank you very much. i hope to see you tomorrow. thank you, mark. right now officials in states hard-hit by hurricane sandy are making final plans for the election in communities where people are displaced and still have no power. officials in new york, new jersey and connecticut have asked power companies to concentrate on bringing electricity back if polling places first. in new jersey they're planning to deploy military trucks to be used as polling locations. tom curry joins us live now. tom, you followed this from the beginning, but obviously initially we're focused on the storm and the damage. then the reality this could affect poling locations on tuesday came into full view. >> elections officials in each states have a cutoff date, because if the electric utilities tell them that they think power will be restored in particular polling locations, they have to make a decision
2:43 pm
soon to give them enough time to inform voters if these locations will be changed. they're facing a cutoff point to inform voters, which in some places like new york city might be difficult considering the disruption to people's lives in new york. >> absolutely. where else do you see the most concern? >> in new jersey the lieutenant-governor gave county elections officials until 12:00 noon today to tell her what locations will be unavailable as of next tuesday. so they're assessing that even as we speak. in connecticut the second of state is touring bridgeport, tr trumble and greenich, connecticut today to assess conditions in voting locations there. the big problem here is communicating with voters who again in many places have other things on their minds. insurance, food, gasoline. there's going to be a certain amount of disruption in the
2:44 pm
ability to communicate to voters where the new polling place might be. >> interesting, i know you've discussed the turnout. as you pointed out, people may have other things on your mind. when you don't have a home, it's hard to focus on anything else although all. do we see any races that could be impacted? you have the hot senate race in connecticut, and we don't expect the presidential race to be impactsed by this because most of the states are blue. do we stee any other races people are concerned about? >> i think in some of the house races in new york, if you get a low turnout. we can't predict at this point what the turnout will be. in staten island, in that congressional district, there may be considerably lower turnout than there was in 2008. in a low turnout election sometimes unpredictable things can happen. in 2008 about nearly 4 million people voted in new york and in nassau and suffolk counties in
2:45 pm
new york, in the suburban counties, a total vote of 4 million people. it seems likely to have a drop-off from the number. how that affects particular races i don't think anyone can say at this point. >> great pleasure having you on. we'll talk with you more on this. in the past hour new york city mayor michael bloomberg defended his position to hold the new york marathon. in some places shelters are closing along the marathon route. we get the latest on this one. there's a lot going on today, and here's some things we thought you should know. republicans are pouring millions into the indiana senate race after their candidate, richard mourdock's remarks on rape and pregnancy. up to 4 million has been spend by groups like american cross roads and the national republican senatorial committee. he's trailing the democratic
2:46 pm
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welcome back. >> as mary whittenberg has said, they're running this race to help new york city and that the nations from all the runners and clubs are a big lead to our relief efforts. if you remember you go back to 9/11, i think rudy made the right decision in those days to run the marathon. it pulled people together, and we have to find some ways to express ourselves and show our solidarity with each other. >> the race itself will bring in $350 million to the city, but the race going through areas of city debilitated by hurricane sandy. we're live near the marathon center.
2:50 pm
one of the things you have a lot of people talking about is this generator set up there. people say that power could be used to help people. you're in the front of it right there. >> reporter: yeah, listen, what's behind my right shoulder right now are the generators for your national audience. there's a lot of people angry about them because they're used to power the infrastructure of the new york city marathon, right over this wall in central park. there's one idle one that is a backup, and as you said it could be used for anything to help the efforts for power. people are angry resources are used for the marathon and not towards things that are neated right now. let's face it, this marathon will go through every single borough in new york, including staten island and queens. queens had dozens of homes destroyed, and it's 350 million worth of economic activity. mayor bloomberg makes a mistake in that low logic, because
2:51 pm
september 11th was 11-plus weeks. people are without food, power and hot water when this happened. we saw thousands running getting ready from the race. many are from outside the country who spend thousands of dollars excited to come here. they're not oblivious to it, but they told us they think it would be uplifting. good ming to show americans and new yorkers can power through things. on twitter and facebook, you see a lot of anger about this. >> you're absolutely right. we're reading messages from people regarding this. we'll pose this to our audience. before we get to gut check, if you'd like to help the victims of hurricane sandy, logon to and click on how to help and look at a link of organizations. tonight nbc universal is holding a benefit telethon for the storm victims. a lot of superstars from this
2:52 pm
area reaching out to help the brothers and sisters. you can watch "hurricane sandy: coming together" tonight at 8:00 eastern. we'll be right back with gut check. do you think the marathon should go on? at e-trade, our free easy-to-use online tools and experienced retirement specialists can help you build a personalized plan. and with our no annual fee iras and a wide range of low cost investments, you can execute the plan you want at a low cost. so meet with us, or go to for a great retirement plan with low cost investments. ♪
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welcome back. we want to give you a reminder here that nbc universal is holding a benefit as we mentioned for the storm victims. it's actually tonight. we said tomorrow by mistake. it's actually tonight. so we want to give you an update on that. also let's bring in the gut check here. a few minutes ago we told you about the decision to hold the new york city marathon as well as the backlash that erupted as a result of the decision. some worry some will be taken away from the hurricane cleanup to work on the marathon. the mayor said it will not take away resources for hurricane sandy. do you agree with the decision not to cancel the marathon?
2:56 pm
go to we'll have the results of gut check tomorrow because we have a special edition of "news nation" at 4:00 p.m. eastern time. we have complete dovrnlg of the final weekend of campaigning before the election. we'll have results of the nbc news poll out of ohio and florida. we'll have that for you. we'll see you tomorrow. time for the your business sfwr entrepreneur of the week. he hocks from his bone shop cart selling bones, skulls and our macabre items. for more watch your business sunday morning at 7:30 on msnbc. ♪
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